Tal Ben Shahar, PhD

“In this brief, practical, and important book, Braco Pobric offers a blueprint for bringing about positive change in your life. Read it and, more importantly, apply it!”

Tal Ben Shahar , PhD, author of the international bestsellers Happier and Being Happy

Shawn A

Shawn Achor

“Habits and Happiness importantly reminds us that, scientifically, happiness can be a choice if we change our behavior. Pobric creates a great link between research and practice in our daily lives.”

Shawn Achor, NY Times bestselling author of the Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness

Andrea Polard

Andrea Polard

“There are few books that stress the importance of dedicated work when it comes to Habits and Happiness. I applaud Braco Pobric for having the insight and the courage to do so in his well-researched and compassionately written book. I am sure that it will help  many to instigate lasting change.”

– Andrea F. Polard, PsyD , author of A Unified Theory of Happiness: An East-Meets-West Approach to Fully Loving Your Life

Christine Comaford

Christine Comaford

“We all have habits we want to change, but how do we do it? Thanks to Braco Pobric we now have a simple, prescriptive path. Habits and Happiness is rich with stories and examples everyone can identify with. Use this delightful and effective book to enhance the happiness and results of yourself, your team, your family.”

– Christine Comaford, Leadership and Culture Coach,  NY Times Bestselling author of Smart Tribes:How Teams Become Brilliant Together


Chad Burton, PhD

“Scientists who study happiness have conducted hundreds of brilliant scientific studies (many of which are summarized in this book), yet scientists rarely communicate their findings to the general public in an accessible manner. In this book, Braco Pobric picks up where scientists left off and provides an outstanding tutorial on the practical application of scientific research to change habits and increase happiness.”

– Chad Burton, PhD


Ryan M. Niemiec, PsyD

“Bad habits, vices, problem behaviors, 7 deadly sins, low energy, vicious circles, poor motivation. These are problems and patterns all of us face to one degree or another. The good news is we can transform, manage, and transcend many of these phenomena.

In Habits and Happiness, Braco Pobric shifts the conversation to a conscious focus on cultivating healthy, positive, and substantial habits that we can sustain. Braco’s approach is a practical one, rooted in positive psychology principles and research. Adhering to these ideas will help you make those vexing behavioral changes you have been wanting to make but in a way you perhaps had never thought of.

The result? Most likely: greater happiness, health, and overall well-being.”

– Ryan M. Niemiec, PsyD , author of several books, including Mindfulness and Character Strengths: A Practical Guide to Flourishing; and Education Director, VIA Institute on Character

Maria Sirois

Dr. Maria Sirois

“Happiness, health, wellbeing, productivity, meaning—we all long for increases in each of these arenas at various times, yet longing is never enough. Thinking about change is not enough. Talking about change changes nothing. We must actually take the steps to change habits that inhibit our forward movement and choose instead habits that potentiate our growth. This book, direct, clear and encouraging, cuts to the essence of successful habit formation…and it is through this formation that we grow. Anyone who is ready to craft a life that is richer, healthier and happier, will find the tools in this book to do so.”

– Dr. Maria Sirois, author of Every Day Counts: Lessons in Love, Faith, and Resilience from Children Facing Illness

Deborah Cohen

Deborah R. Cohen,

“Braco Pobric’s Habits and Happiness is an inspiring and informative book. One can find motivation in Braco’s personal experience of habits and through his offering of the research concerning how habits are formed and how they support or harm us. The book also
provides ideas of useful habits we can all implement and practical steps towards forming and maintaining them.”

– Deborah R. Cohen, MAPP, author of Journey to Inner Space: A Children’s Yoga Book